WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Finally, nicotine e-cigarettes are now legally available in Australia


Nations such as the USA, the U.K, and most recently New Zealand, have embraced electronic cigarettes as an incredibly promising smoking cessation tool by legalizing and fairly regulating their use. Consumers all over the world have been gifted the option to choose this healthier alternative to cigarettes for some time, and as a result there are now currently in excess of 40 million e-cigarette users worldwide, set to grow to over 55 million by 2021.

In stark contrast, under current Australian laws nicotine products are only available via a medical prescription from an Australian doctor, and otherwise remain prohibited. With the current climate of fake news and conflicting reports, local GPs haven’t been rushing these prescriptions out the door and Australians have so far been left with no feasible options to make the switch.

Nicovape has finally solved the problem, and their launch means Australian consumers finally have a legal and easy path to nicotine vaping.

So how are they legal?

Backed by a number of Australian medical doctors, fully insured, and operating well within the medical prescription guidelines, Nicovape have built a proprietary online platform that allows you to be digitally assessed by an Australian-registered medical doctor in a matter of minutes. With no waiting times or geographical barriers, if approved, you can legally have nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes on your doorstep within the week.

Are they cheaper than smoking?

Along with the obvious health benefits of switching to Nicovape products, it’ll definitely give your wallet some time off. Subscription plans are currently up to 75% cheaper than smoking, and this percentage will only continue to grow as cigarette prices skyrocket past $40 a packet due to the 12.5% annual excise.

You’ll also get your medical prescription free of charge if you order one of their subscription plans.

Public health bodies such as Public Health England maintain that “e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking”, with the Royal College of Physicians stating that “the hazard to health arising from long-term vapour inhalation from the e-cigarettes available today is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco”.

With other nations receiving such support from their government and health bodies, according to a recent study by the Society for the Study of Addiction, over 6 million people to date have attributed quitting smoking to using electronic cigarette products in the European Union alone.

Over 7 million people continue to die each year from smoking related illnesses caused by the toxic chemicals and carcinogens ingested by puffing away on cigarettes, or even by being around them.

While the final jury may still be out on vaping, one thing is for certain: smoking is killing you, and the people around you.

So perhaps it’s time to make a change.

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